We breed occasionally. Our focus is on preserving and improving our breeding  lines.  We breed for  conformation, performance, temperament and health.   Our dogs compete in conformation  and in a variety of  performance events.   We believe that Weims can do anything, and they should look beautiful while doing it.

We are passionate about the Weimaraner breed.  We want to insure that potential owners are introduced to committed breeders that have responsibly and carefully bred pups.  If  you’re  interested in a quality bred weim, we will happily refer you to a breeder who adheres to the Weimaraner Club of America code of ethics.

We are members of  the Weimaraner Club of America and Southland Weimaraner Club and Orange Coast Weimaraner Club


Our Background in Weims

When my husband and I bought our home in 1977, the first thing we wanted was a dog.  I was frequently going on day hikes, and I wanted a hiking companion.  We decided on either a Dalmatian or a Weimaraner.  After searching, we found a lovely Dalmatian puppy, Sespe.  Sespe was a great hiking companion, and she also led me into showing. At one of Sespe’s first shows, I saw a striking Weimaraner.    I introduced myself to his owner/handler and discovered he just had a litter of pups. The dog was Ch. Valmar’s Jazzman CD, NRD, NSD V BROM and his owner/handler was Joan Valdez.

This was our introduction to Weimaraners.  Joan became a mentor and a friend.  Over the years,  we have had the pleasure of owning several dogs that she  bred.   Most notable,   Ch Valmar’s Phoenix V Wustenwind, our first weim who had both BOB wins and group placements, Ch. Valmar’s Mace V Wustenwind CDX, JH, SDX, NRD, OAJ, NA, VX and Ch. Valmar’s Unforgettable, SH NRD, V.  Our most recent Valmar dog is Ch. Valmar’s Valley Of  The Moon.

We have been  members of Southland Weimaraner Club  since the late 70’s.  One of the most educational and entertaining events were the Fun Days.  At these events, our dogs  were introduced into conformation, field, obedience and retrieving.  The caliber of the people attending and assisting “newbies” was fantastic.    There we met the Hansens: Gorden and Shirley and Tom and Desi.

Gordon helped us train our dogs in field with limited success.  Gorden encouraged us to get a field bred dog, and  his solution was to give us a puppy out of one of his litters.  That puppy grew up and became FCH AFC Outdoor’s Starfire, who made breed history when she was the first Weim to win 3 of the 4 field futurities.   She also was a National Amateur Field  Champion.

Through the years, we have had the pleasure of sharing our lives with several engaging and always entertaining Weims.  We have also enjoyed our relationship with other Weim people.  We are fortunate to count many as friends, peers, and mentors.