Windchymes Policies and Procedures

Windchymes Weimaraner Policies and Procedures
1. A Puppy Application form must be completed. The application allows us to determine if we believe we have/will have a puppy that will meet your needs and interests. It’s the beginning of a conversation, not a commitment. If for some reason, we don’t believe we have a puppy that will meet your needs, we’ll refer you to a breeder that we believe can.
2. Join the Interest List. Please note that getting a puppy is not based on list order. Our goal is to match each puppy to the best possible home. Conformation/Performance homes are given preference, as are homes that have previously had Weims or other active breeds.
3. Your puppy or choice of puppy is made by us. We spend a great deal of time evaluating puppy conformation, temperament and personality. Based on countless hours of observation and consideration we match puppies to their new homes. This includes puppies evaluated for conformation by other Weimaraner breeders, and temperament tested by an independent evaluator. It’s possible we may only have one puppy that we believe will meet your needs, or we may have a couple and then the choice would be yours. As the puppies grow and develop we will post pictures and videos. In addition, you will be able to watch the video of the temperament test. If your still not convinced this is the best way to have a new puppy join your family please read the post Picking Your Puppy.
4. Companion Dogs are sold on non-breeding contracts and limited Registration. Limited Registration means that the dog is AKC registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration. We believe that before a dog should be bred it should meet objective criteria. The dog should have proven itself in conformation shows and either have a performance title or evidence of that ability. If your pup develops into an excellent representative of the breed, and you would like to breed we would be willing to help you through that process. But again, objective criteria must be met before we approve the breeding and amend the limited registration. Breech of this provision of the policies and procedure will result in legal action.

Are Weimaraners Right For You?

We’ve all heard it, and some of us have said it  “Weims aren’t for everyone.”  And while that’s true, it doesn’t help identify who the “someones” are that should have Weims. To the best of my knowledge, there is no one breed that is “right” for everyone. Finding the right dog for you means being honest about what your personality and lifestyle are.
I believe there are three intrinsic character traits a Weim owner should have. First, a sense of humor, because Weims are funny and they do funny things (that non-Weim people might consider annoying). Next, an appreciation for creative intelligence. Weims are intelligent and creative problem solvers, it is possible/probable that your Weim will design a solution to a problem in a way you never thought of and may not approve of. Which brings us to the final characteristic-you have to be smarter than your dog. So if/when your dog solves a problem in a way that doesn’t work for you, you have to figure out how to redirect that behavior. By the way, Weims are very persistent….so you have to be also.
Other important personality trait for the potential owner is that you have to like to have a dog that is with you. Most Weims seem to believe that their humans require direct supervision at all times. So they follow you from room to room (yes, even the bathroom), lay at your feet and are most willing cuddlers. In terms of lifestyle, Weims need face time with their people. These are not pat on the head, throw a dog treat, leave in the backyard dogs. While they don’t have to be with you 24/7 ( We do have jobs, and lives outside of dogs) they do need “quality time”.
Weims are active, physically and mentally. They need some time and space to exercise. They need opportunities to expend mental energy. If a Weim is denied either of these, damage to home and garden are likely. Weim people are active, or clever enough to devise methods to focus their Weim’s energy in a way that makes both the owner and the dog happy.
If you have these traits, then Weimaraners may be for you.

Why Serious Breeders Don’t Repeat Breeding

Why Serious Breeders Don’t Repeat Breeding
There are several ways to determine a good breeder. Recently I read an article* that articulated why breeders rarely have repeat breedings. It’s a viewpoint that I also hold, but have never expressed until now.

Repeat breeding means that the owner of the dam repeats a breeding to the same male. Serious, responsible breeders rarely do that. The reason being is that we are looking to improve our lines and the breed. It is a quest, and from every breeding you gain knowledge that allows you to move forward. Every breeding is analyzed, dissected, reviewed and utilized to help us determine what our next goal is. [Read more…]