Puppies are due in April 2015, and I just ordered their first new toy, a fitness disc.  Yes, I already have a fitness disc for the puppies (and a ton of items designed to enrichment their environment) but this one is purple and was on sale.  You know how Amazon targets you by showing you items on sale that you’ve previously looked at?  Great marketing strategy when someone has puppy fever.


July 2014            A sad note, Michael Goldstein a talented weimaraner handler and owner has passed away.  I met him a few years ago at the Southland Weimaraner Club.  I had Ch. Valmar’s Valley Of The Moon entered, and I hurt my leg.  I was unable to show, and all the handlers I knew were all ready committed.  I was facing pulling from the entire show weekend.  Karla Payne was kind enough to introduce me to Michael and he offered to show Luna.  He took the time to get to know her, practiced stacking and gating, and then took her in the ring and showed her beautifully.  I was excited and pleased when he earn a placement on her, but more importantly I was impressed by Michael’s innate kindness. I enjoyed seeing him again at the National this year in June, again his character shone through.  His kindness and spirit of generosity will be missed.

June 2014
We just returned from the Weimaraner Club of America where we participated/observed retrieving ratings, agility, obedience, rally, and conformation. It was wonderful to see Weimaraners as they should be. Dogs who are visually stunning and talented in a variety of fields. Congrats to all.
A special note to two local dogs. GCH CH. Star Synchronous Rotation MH, (Oakley’s sire) who earn his CD with very nice scores and his Novice Rally title.   Also GCH CH Silogram Rolls Royce CDX, who not only won the Weimaraner Club of America Maturity but also went High in Trial.   These two represent what dedicated breeders are striving for.


May 2014
I was reading the May issue of The Weimaraner Club of America’s Magazine’s Top Ten All Age/Gun Dog List. I wondered how many (if any) of the dogs on the list would be related to our field champion, FCH AFC Outdoor’s Starfire. So I reviewed the pedigrees of all the dogs on the list. To my delight and surprise 7 of the 10 were Star’s descendants. What makes this impressive is that Star only had one puppy- FCH Windchyme FROM. Statistically, I don’t know the relevance of this. I just know it makes me happy.